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Thoughts on Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Over the years I had the fortunate opportunity to design, implement, enhance or operate a multitude of IT infrastructures, ranging from “bare-metal” physical datacenter to highly abstracted “pseudo” infrastructures offered by Public Cloud.

What I began to realize is that, while the inner workings of physical and cloud infrastructures are vastly different, the methodologies used for managing infrastructure lifecycle are absolutely the same. Continue reading “Thoughts on Infrastructure Lifecycle Management”

OSCON 2011 Session: Hadoop – Enterprise Data Warehouse Integration

Last Monday, July 25th, I gave a presentation at OSCON about the integration between Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

The session was well attended. The dialog and the exchange of opinions was very good. The conversations continued after the session which, to me, shows that Big Data management is top of many practitioners’ mind.

I very much enjoyed the dialog. Also learned few things! Thanks O’Reilly for another successful OSCON! Continue reading “OSCON 2011 Session: Hadoop – Enterprise Data Warehouse Integration”