Announcing BXMP, the Blockchain for Healthcare

Today, We, the BitMED team, are beyond excited to announce that BXMP, BitMED’s blockchain protocol, is now 100% open source. Every single line of code that powers BXMP is now publicly accessible on GitHub:

BXMP leverages from existing blockchain protocols, including Ethereum, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and Hyperledger, and adds functionalities for the needs of a global healthcare market. BitMED enables instant, safe, and low-cost healthcare access of any scale.

There are two main reasons why existing blockchains don’t meet the needs of healthcare: 1) the legal and regulatory framework in which all healthcare services must operate, and 2) the transactions-per-second limitation of existing blockchain protocols when compared to the scale healthcare markets require.

BXMP supports decentralized applications, smart contracts, prevents double-spending, and supports health outcome nano-payments.

You can now download, examine, modify and adopt BXMP to create new and exciting solutions.

We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey. As you can imagine, building a global scale platform targeting billions of users is NOT a trivial endeavor. All these challenges become even more exciting when the mission is delivering free healthcare, building strong communities and making a global impact. I’m sure YOU want to be part of this! Please check out our careers page:

Looking forward to even bigger achievements!