From Data to Knowledge to Intelligence | PART ONE: The Journey Map

First, I want to Say Thank You for sending comments and sharing the first article of this series. Personally I found your response both humbling and invigorating at the same time. Thank You again!

Today, I’d like to take a closer look at the overall Journey. It’s not that the individual stages are not worth discussing (yet!), but I think we need to spend some time understanding the bigger picture before diving into a lot of details (and some code).

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The Data Journey: From Data to Knowledge to Intelligence

Let me start by making a statement that most of us may find common sense: The ultimate goal of any expedition into the Data Cosmos is to make better decisions.

Just like a chess player, we want to not only gain valuable insights from studying and analyzing Data, but also want to be able to simulate different scenarios and pick the most favorable outcomes. Lastly, we want to monitor the results of our decisions and make adjustments as needed.

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Thoughts on Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Over the years I had the fortunate opportunity to design, implement, enhance or operate a multitude of IT infrastructures, ranging from “bare-metal” physical datacenter to highly abstracted “pseudo” infrastructures offered by Public Cloud.

What I began to realize is that, while the inner workings of physical and cloud infrastructures are vastly different, the methodologies used for managing infrastructure lifecycle are absolutely the same. Continue reading “Thoughts on Infrastructure Lifecycle Management”

Get IT Operations Out of the “Engine Room”!

For years IT Operations has been put in the situation to remediate service outages with only basic knowledge and basic support from the Dev teams. Additionally, the broad variety of technologies deployed in a typical IT infrastructure has become a barrier  to embracing standards. In order to still be able to maintain decent quality of service, IT Operations has been forced to build and operate IT infrastructures using fairly basic tooling. Continue reading “Get IT Operations Out of the “Engine Room”!”

Scaling Hadoop – Myth vs. Reality

People use Hadoop for storing, processing and analyzing ever-increasing volumes of data. The question is no longer about whether Hadoop can scale to meet the demand. The question is  now at what point the operational cost of scaling Hadoop exceeds the value realized from the data analysis. How much of the Hadoop scale-out story is reality vs. hype?

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Designing for scalability with the Dell | Hadoop solution

Over the last months I’ve been having conversations with a lot of Hadoop users and developers. I’m glad to see that everyone wants to run Hadoop in production. Most of the practitioners also realize that, although Hadoop can scale, there are no clear guidelines that describe how to scale up/out Hadoop from very small to very large. Continue reading “Designing for scalability with the Dell | Hadoop solution”

OSCON 2011 Session: Hadoop – Enterprise Data Warehouse Integration

Last Monday, July 25th, I gave a presentation at OSCON about the integration between Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

The session was well attended. The dialog and the exchange of opinions was very good. The conversations continued after the session which, to me, shows that Big Data management is top of many practitioners’ mind.

I very much enjoyed the dialog. Also learned few things! Thanks O’Reilly for another successful OSCON! Continue reading “OSCON 2011 Session: Hadoop – Enterprise Data Warehouse Integration”