Rationality vs Intelligence

Those who know me, know that I’ve been (and still am) on a lifelong quest to understand the essence of Rationality and Intelligence, what are the similarities, and where are the differences. It’s something that started many years ago from simple observations of human responses to normal and less-than-ideal life situations. Responding purely intelligently or just plainly logic is something that I find very fascinating. Also very fascinating I find the thought process that humans use to arrive to the decision to act intelligently or rational.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence, besides all that geeky coolness, puts even more pronounced contrast on Rationality vs Intelligence. We can all agree that, as it stands right now, the Machines are (somewhat!) Rational, but nowhere near what you and I would consider Intelligent.

That said, I’m dedicating this site to the convergence of technology, communications and socio-cultural impact. I hope that together we can influence the way the technology impacts our daily lives.

Have a blessed life on planet Earth and don’t let anyone tell you that it cannot be done!

— Aurelian ‘AD’ Dumitru