The Data Journey: From Data to Knowledge to Intelligence

Let me start by making a statement that most of us may find common sense: The ultimate goal of any expedition into the Data Cosmos is to make better decisions.

Just like a chess player, we want to not only gain valuable insights from studying and analyzing Data, but also want to be able to simulate different scenarios and pick the most favorable outcomes. Lastly, we want to monitor the results of our decisions and make adjustments as needed.

Having spent almost a decade designing and implementing all sorts of data-related solutions and services taught me that reaching what at times seems to be the ultimate pinnacle of intelligence is actually just another vantage point, soon to be dwarfed by the next question being asked. During that process we gain a deeper understanding of actual behaviors while imposing ever-increasing demands on Data. We also set even higher standards for Knowledge and Intelligence.

The more intriguing part is that we cannot engineer what we cannot define. Therefore, being able to define the Problem is where everything should begin. As we all know, these days there are plenty of challenges to address in Healthcare. Unfortunately none of these challenges are trivial, therefore having access to good quality medical data becomes increasingly valuable. It is not only the quality, but also its volume the reasons researchers find Data extremely valuable.

BitMED is on a mission to help solve some of the most pressing Healthcare challenges by building a system that we all as a society can benefit from.

I hope this short preamble peeked your interest. In this series of articles I’d like to take you through this journey and share quite a few of the learnings gathered over the years.

In the first article we will discuss the three stages of the Journey. In the next articles we’ll go in a lot more details.

Meanwhile, here is a preview of what we’ll talk about in from the first article. We’ll use the next figure to start defining (very simplistically!) the Data Journey and its major stages.

Next, we’ll concentrate on a not-so-obvious aspect of this Journey, that is, in reality the three stages of the Journey are more tightly intertwined. These tighter dependencies between stages is what the next figure is trying to capture.

More details in the next article …

Talk to you soon!