Product Design vs. (cloud) Service Design – what’s the difference?

It’s no brainier that, among other goals, any Cloud Service Provider wants to excel in at least three key areas:

  1. Quality of service – delivering best qualify of service, for example stability, predictable performance, availability, etc.
  2. Customer experience – the service is easy to use, there are many ways to consume it (e.g. tablet, laptop, etc.), great customer training and support is available, etc.
  3. Competitive offering – it can be a combination of features, pricing, niche use cases, etc.

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The difference between Scaling Up and Scaling Out

Scale up (or vertically) means adding more resources to an existing component of a system. Adding more RAM and/or hard drives to a Hadoop DataNode is an example of scaling up the Hadoop cluster.

Scale out (or horizontally) means adding new components (or building blocks) to a system. Adding a new Hadoop DataNode to a Hadoop cluster is an example of scaling out the cluster.

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@Nokia Now!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long absence – I’ve been busy with my new gig at Nokia. After decades of designing products I decided to cross to the ‘dark side’ and get closer to Operations. It’s something that I meant to do for a long time and I’ve been holding out for the right opportunity. Finally that opportunity came along! I’m now part of the CCOD Data Center Infrastructure Architecture team, responsible for server designs for various High Performance, Cloud and Big Data solutions.

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Designing for scalability with the Dell | Hadoop solution

Over the last months I’ve been having conversations with a lot of Hadoop users and developers. I’m glad to see that everyone seems to want to move forward with Hadoop and put it in production. Most of the practitioners also realize that, although Hadoop can scale, there are no clear guidelines that describe how to scale up/out Hadoop from very small to very large. Continue reading

Dell OpenStack & Hadoop Podcast on

Last week I joined my colleagues Rob Hirschfeld (RAH, @zehicle, and Joseph George (JBG, @jbgeorge, in a conversation with the CloudCast crew talking about Dell’s leadership in two of the hottest technologies in the market today – OpenStack and Hadoop.

First, my hat off to the CloudCast folks (Aaron Delp @aarondelp,, and Brian Gracely @bgracely, for putting on a great show!

Second, here are some of the highlights from Episode 16: Dell, Dude you’re getting a cloud

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Introducing the Dell | Hadoop Solution

The Dell | Hadoop solution, offered in conjunction with Cloudera and called Dell | Cloudera Solution for Apache Hadoop, lowers the barrier to adoption for businesses looking to use Hadoop in production. Dell’s customer-centered approach is to create rapidly deployable and highly optimized end-to-end Hadoop solutions running on commodity hardware. Dell provides all the hardware and software components and resources to meet the customer’s requirements and no other supplier need be involved. Continue reading

Hadoop/EDW Integration session at OSCON 2011

Last Monday, July 25th, I gave a presentation at OSCON about the integration between Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

The session was well attended. I thought that the dialog and the exchange of opinions and ideas was very good. Few of the dialogs continued after the session which (once again!) indicates that managing Big Data is top of many practitioners’ mind.

I personally enjoyed the dialog and I also learned quite a few things! Thanks O’Reilly for another successful OSCON! Continue reading